Sponsor Midwest PHP 2018 .

We’re happy to be providing you this prospectus for our 2018 Midwest PHP Conference held in Bloomington, Minnesota on March 9th and 10th. Since we started in 2013, we’ve continued to experience great growth and that starts with our Speakers and most of all our Sponsors.

This year, we are pleased to let you know that the Midwest PHP Conference, will be held at the Radisson Blu Mall of America Hotel. Once again with you, the sponsor, and our attendees, we are providing everyone with ample opportunities to interact. You will have maximum visibility as our attendees enter the conference and walk between sessions. We continue to run the conference under the North Foundation’s 501(c)(3) status allowing a portion of your sponsorship (less fair market value of the tickets) to be tax-deductible. Finally, we continue to see a year over year growth with-in the number of people who attend the Midwest PHP conference, which exposes you and your brand to a larger audience then you have in year’s past.

As you know companies and individuals like yourself make Midwest PHP conference possible and we are truly grateful to work with such great partners. We offer a wide variety of packages as well as à la carte items to maximize your exposure to your brand. Our hope is that you will find a package that is a good fit for your company and that you choose to become a part of our conference and community.

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If you’re interested in sponsoring Midwest PHP Conference this year, have any inquiries or would like to discuss alternative sponsorship opportunities contact us at: sponsorships@midwestphp.org.